There are six clubs of international students, such as a dance club, a basketball club, a soccer club, and a music club and so on. They are active both inside and outside the campus.

Dance Club

The dance club of Chinese international students was established in 2017 and is active under the name of 'MIC' (MADE IN CHINA). It is possible to join the club regardless of the status of undergraduate students, Korean Education Center trainees, and graduate students. The dance club consists of 14 members.

Main activities

  • 2017 International Students Korean Speaking Contest Congratulatory Performance
  • Orientation performance for new international students in March and September 2018
  • June, December 2018 International student graduation farewell party performance
  • October 2018 university festival performance
  • September 2018 Consulate-General event celebration performance
  • Participation and prize in the long-term competition for foreign students in 2018, 2019 (Grand Prize, Grand Prize, Excellence Prize, etc.)
  • April 2019 International student athletic meet celebration performance
  • September 2019 Korean-Chinese undergraduate student festival performance
  • Congratulatory performance at the Confucius Academy event in October 2019
  • October 2020 school promotion video production, Gwangju Chinese culture celebration performance

Basketball Club

Established in 2011, the basketball club currently has 37 Chinese international students practicing basketball in indoor and outdoor stadiums four times a week.

Main activities: History and awards

  • Winner of the 2011, 2012, 2013 International Student Basketball Tournament hosted by the Consulate of Jeollanam-do in Gwangju
  • Winner of the 2015, 2016 Chinese international student basketball tournament hosted by the consulate of Jeonnam region in Gwangju
  • Winner of the 2017 International Student Basketball Competition in Gwangju hosted by the Jeonnam Consulate
  • Winner of the Chinese International Student Basketball Tournament hosted by the Consulate of Jeollanam-do in Gwangju 2020

Soccer Club

International students from Vietnam and China founded soccer clubs in 2016 and 2018 respctively, and are actively promoting a healthy study abroad life and friendship.

Vietnam soccer club members : 14  /  China soccer club members : 30

  • Every Saturday, Sunday, and afternoon training at the soccer field.
  • Friendly match against Vietnam and Uzbekistan every Wednesday or Saturday

Paradise Music Club

Paradise, a music club founded in May, 2019 gathers 20 musicians to create beautiful sounds.

  • Established in May 2019
  • Participation and prize in the 2019 International Student Talent Competition (Grand Prize and Encouragement Prize, etc.)
  • Graduation farewell concert held in June 2019
  • Opening of "Ju Gol-ryun Theme Concert" in November 2019

Badminton Club

In November 2020, 14 members gathered to create a new club. We do regular training twice a week at the gym, promote badminton skills, and promote friendship and live a healthy study abroad life.

  • Friendly matches with clubs and clubs at each local university (planned)

Photography Club

In September 2020, 19 members gathered to create a new club. We create a new world in the camera through photo and video editing after exit.

  • Taking pictures inside and outside the school
  • Producing and editing 'Office of International Affairs' Video