Recruitment unit and number of people

  • Recruitment number: Selected outside the quota by considering the academic ability for each recruitment unit
  • Recruitment unit
    • Undergraduate course (new, transfer)
      Undergraduate course (new, transfer)
      Programs Colleges Departments(Majors)
      Total 36 departments (Majors)
      Undergraduate Programs College of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Korean Language & Literature★★, Early Childhood Education★★, English language & Literature, Social Welfare★★, Counseling Psychology★★, Police Science★, Fire Service Administration★, Public Administration★★, Mass Communication
      College of Business Department of Business Administration★★, Tourism Management★★, Hotel Management★★, Airline Services, e-Sports Industry, Chinese Language
      School of Health Science Cooking&Science★★, Food and Nutrition, Sports&Leisure★★, Soccer★, Taekwondo&Security Guard, Dental hygiene★, Nursing, Emergency Medical Services, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Physical Therapy
      College of Engineering Department of Future Automotive Engineering★, Landscape Architecture★★, Architecture★, Civil&Environmental Engineering★★, Electrical Engineering★★, Electrical&Photoelectronic Engineering★★, Computer Engineering★★, Information&Communication
      School of Arts & Design Department of Fashion Design, Comics and Animation★★, Industrial Design★, Theatre&Film★, Beauty Art★★

      ※ he above enrollment units are subject to change and will be announced on the Admissions Information website as soon as they change.

      ※Departments marked with'★' are those that can take a master's degree program, and departments marked with'★★' are that can complete master and doctoral degree program

Admission Timeline

Admission Timeline
Category Date Note
1st 2nd
Distribution of admission guide
and application form
March-early May September to early November At Office of International Affairs
of application
Mid-May Mid-November Office of International Affairs
Acceptance announcement Late May Late November Announcement on website
Tuition payment Before August 18 Before February 16 Gwangju Bank Honam University Branch Office

※ International admission is to be conducted twice a year(Spring and Fall Semester).

Admission Qualifications

Admission Qualifications
Application Type Qualifications
New Admission
(1st Year)
Foreign students whose parents are both foreign nationals and have completed(or are expecting to complete) at least 12 years of primary and secondary educational courses at foreign or domestic(Korean) institutions.
(2nd Year)
Foreign students whose parents are both foreign nationals, have completed(or are expecting to complete) at least 12 years of primary and secondary educational courses at foreign or domestic(Korean) institutions, and have completed(or are expecting to complete) at least 1 year of studies at formal four-year post-secondary institutions in Korea or in any other foreign countries or have completed(are expecting to complete) 2 year post secondary institutions.
(3rd, 4th Year)
Foreign students whose parents are both foreign nationals, have completed(or are expecting to complete) at least 12 years of primary and secondary educational courses at foreign or domestic(Korean) institutions, and have completed(or are expecting to complete) at least 2 years of studies at formal four-year post-secondary institutions in Korea or in any other foreign countries or have graduated from formal three-year post-secondary institutions in Korea or in any other foreign countries will be able to transfer to 3rd or 4th year of program, regardless of quota.
  • Term definition of the word "Foreigner"
    • A person who does not have citizenship of Republic of Korea
    • Foreign students whose parents are both from countries other than Korea
    • Foreign students who completed or are expecting to complete elementary·middle·high school education in countries other than Korea.

Application process

  • 01

    Application guidelines and application for admission

  • 02

    Application for admission and document review

  • 03

    Announcement of successful applicants

  • 04

    Tuition Payment

  • 05

    Application for visa issuance at the immigration office

  • 06

    Visa issuance and visa sending

  • 07

    Preparation for personal entry

  • 08


Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria
Subject Review criteria
Applicants who have completed the Korean language course at the university and courses at partner universities Document Review(100%)
Others Document Review(50%) + Interview(50%)

Students with interview exemption: Among students that are subject to interview exemption, those who have a recommendation/reference letter from one of faculty members at Honam University may want to submit the documents to be exempted from the interview. Only document review will be conducted for those students.

Selection Process

  • Students are to be selected based on document review by evaluation standard of each program and selected within the number of students that each program can accept.
  • Interview: Office of International Affairs at Honam University evaluates the applicant's moral character, manners, and enthusiasm for academic achievement and etc.
  • The applicant will be disqualified if he/she who is subject to interview does not attend the interview or does not have complete documents.
  • The applicant will be disqualified if any of following Korean proficiency is not applicable to the applicant.
    • Students with Grade 3 or higher in TOPIK(certificate must be submitted) or students with Grade 3 in Korean Proficiency Test administered by Honam University
    • Student who completed Korean language course at Honam University and passed given tests administered by Honam University
  • However, the applicant who is from affiliated educational institutes may be accepted through separate evaluation for scholastic ability (Honam University can replace TOPIK with Korean language course).

Required Documents

Required Documents
Category Required Documents Note
Common essential documents 1. Application Form(Fixed form of the school) - Print out from Honam University Website( ) Attached Form 1
2. Study Plan and a letter of self-introduction(Fixed form of the school) - Print out from Honam University Website( ) Attached Form 2
3. Certificate of graduation from high school, transcripts indicating entire grades of high school (Both original and a photocopy)
- Diploma for graduates of 4-year college
4. Certificate of entry and departure record issued by Korean Immigration Office (if applicable) Applicable person
5. Certificate of bank balance (deposit more than USD 18,000 for at least 1 year)
※ Documents issued at least 1 month in advance when submitting the international student visa
6. China: Original and photocopies of Hogubu (however, if there are more than two Hogubu, submit a notarized kinship relationship)
Other countries: Family relationship certificate in English
7. Copy of ID of the applicant and his/her parents  
8. Copy of passport  
Supplementary documents 9. Copy of Certificate of Alien Registration ※ Only for applicants who are currently residing in Korea Applicable person
10. Grade record of TOPIK, certificate of completion of Korean Language Academy course or original and a copy of certificate/a letter of acceptance that verifies his/her success in Korean Proficiency Test administered by Office of International Affairs (if applicable).  
11. Original certificate/document that proves financial ability
- Attach financial guarantor's certificate of bank balance of US$18,000 or more (continued deposit until admission) or domestic remittance or currency exchange certificate of US$18,000 or more
- Attach certificate of employment of parents, or business license,, or certificate of real property possession or certificate of property tax payment
12. 2 passport photos  
13. Chinese students: Print out following 2 items from each website and submit these 2 documents. Certificate of graduation from university or college in China( certificate of graduation exam   (  
14. In case of divorce of parents: Original certificate of family relation and original certificate/documentation of divorce (notarized).
In case of having 2 certificates of family relation: The original certificate of family relation
In case of death of parents: Certificate/documentation of death (notarized)
15. The official transcript and the certificate of graduation must have the principal's official seal(The seal must be consistent with the name of the school and the principal's name)  
16. Original and translated Certificate of Employment and Income of financial guarantor
※ Only parents of the applicant can be the guarantor.

Note for submission of documents

  • Original documents must be submitted. If the photocopies are submitted due to unavoidable circumstances, their original documents must be submitted after all upon the acceptance for admission(the original documents will be returned after confirmation).
  • All the documents written in languages other than Korean must be translated into Korean when submitting.
  • When submitting, a high school diploma(certificate of graduation) and transcripts indicating entire grade of high school must be translated into Korean and then either be notarized or have "consular confirmation" issued at the Korean Consulate in the country where corresponding schools are located.
  • The applicant must submit a certified copy of his/her family register by government which corresponds to Korean's certified copy of family register and which also needs to be translated into Korean.
  • If the names of the applicant are not consistent on the submitting documents, a certified document issued by government that proves they are identical must be attached with the submitting documents.
  • Among accepted students, those who are expecting to graduate from high school must submit the certificate of graduation before the first starting day of desired semester (if applicable).
  • Aside from the specified documents for submission in the admission guide, additional documents may be requested for extra verification of information.

※ Notarization or consular confirmation: If the applicant is a foreigner, the documents must be notarized by a notarization office in his/her own country.

Note for completion of application form

  • The applicant is responsible for all disadvantages resulting from errors, mistakes, or omission on the application form and other required documents.
  • The application form MUST be completed using only a black, blue, or fountain pen. Or the form MUST be typed with a computer.
  • In the application form, all the information regarding admission and the program of choice that the applicant desires to apply for MUST be clearly and exactly stated. After submitting the application form, it is NOT accepted for the applicant to modify any of information in his/her application form.
  • The applicant's photo(passport photo: 3.5cm X 4.5cm) is to be attached to the application form.

Note for applicants

  • All the information stated in the application form and other required documents must be accurate without omission.
  • If the applicant falsifies/counterfeits any documents for submission or commits irregularities to be accepted, the admission will be revoked.
  • If the applicant registers in over 2 universities, the admission could be accepted or revoked.
  • The applicant is entirely responsible for miswriting his/her own address or phone number on the application form which could prevent Honam University from notifying the applicant of any important information including the acceptance of admission(the admission may be revoked in this case).
  • Even though the applicant was accepted and registered for admission at Honam University, the admission may be revoked if the applicant is not allowed to enter the country(Korea) due to rejection of visa issuance or any other reasons.
  • Multiple major/program application is not available at Honam University.
  • According to the newly established requirements for admission and graduation at the undergraduate school of Honam University, those who do not obtain the corresponding TOPIK level must complete the TOPIK level or equivalent Korean language course. Please refer to the notice for details
  • Any other matters not specified in the admission guide are determined and enforced by Honam University.
  • Please reach Office of International Affairs at (062)940-5992, 5694 for any inquiries.