About Program

  • A program in which students and credit exchange agreements have been made between our university and foreign universities, and students are exchanged according to the agreement. Currently, there are more than 50 universities with partner universities in China.
  • To create a foundation for enhancing the international competitiveness of our students through strong motivation for foreign language acquisition, and to promote practical academic exchanges with overseas universities, we are conducting active exchange student programs with universities with foreign academic exchange agreements.
  • This program is subject to mutual agreements with universities with foreign academic exchange agreements, so that dispatched students can complete major courses at sister universities and receive credits from our university.
  • This is a program in which students are mutually dispatched under conditions such as waiver of tuition fees and provision of accommodation. The opportunity for our students to study abroad for one semester or one year in a department of a foreign academic exchange partner university related to their major while enrolled to gain international experience It is meaningful to take on the role of excellent human resources with international competitiveness in various fields of society after graduation by providing them.
  • Students who want to enroll as exchange students should prepare in advance from the first semester after enrollment. First of all, student must be able to fluently speak the language of the country to which he/she wants to go to as an exchange student. When an exchange student arrives at the university, he immediately enters the undergraduate (graduate) courses that the students of that university take without a separate language class, so it is important to be fluent in the language of another country. As well as, although the tuition fee of the entroll university is exempt, it must be considered that it is necessary to register at the university and that the local expenses (room, board, etc.) are not small.

Current status of the sister universities and exchange students

Current status of the sister universities and exchange students
University Students Application time Remarks
Total 72    
USA Univ. of West 10 September ESL at one’s own expense 
University of the Incarnate Word 2 September TOEIC 650+
Japan Aichi Prefectural University 2 March  
Senshu University 2 March For students of College of Humanities & Social Science
Mejiro University 2 March  
France Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Etienne 2 September For students of College of Arts
China 哈尔滨远东理工学院 10 March  
德州学院 2 March  
重庆南方翻译学院 2 March  
济宁学院 2 March  
潍坊职业学院 2 March  
浙江旅游职业学院 10 September  
青岛酒店管理学院 5 September  
南京晓庄大学 5 September  
浙江越秀外国语学院 2 September  
汕头大学 2 September Business School
Taiwan 中国文化大学 2 September  
Vietnam Van Hien University 2 September  
Saigon Art Culture And Tourism College 2 September  
THU DUC College of Technology 2 September  
Hong Bang International University 2 September  
HoChiminh City Institute of Applied Science and Technology(HUTECH) 2 September  

Qualifications for Application

  • Students who are enrolled at the time of application and registered for the third semester to six semesters during the dispatch semester, and who can enroll for at least one semester after returning to Korea. • (Chinese students enrolled in the 7th semester based on the dispatch semester can also be enrolled after prior consultation).
  • Students with an overall GPA of B0 or a grade of B+ or higher in the previous semester (Chinese students who have a percentage conversion of all grades or a percentage conversion of 80 or higher in the previous semester or HSK level 3)
  • Those who do not have reasons for disqualification in issuing a VISA to study in the country
  • Those who have not been punished while attending school for violating school regulations
  • A person with the consent of a guardian
  • In the French College of Art Saint-Etienne must be a French-speaking student as a student of the College of Art.

Range of credit recognition 

  • Depending on the year of admission, the maximum number of credits per semester is recognized.

The process of credit recognition

  • Exchange students complete an application for recognition credit within the credit range per semester based on their own transcripts, After passing through the Office of International Affairs, the Academic Affairs Department of the Office of Academic Affairs recognizes credits according to the prescribed deliberation procedure.

Determination of alternative recognized subjects

  • As for accredited subjects, it is a principle to select and accept similar subjects among the subjects that have been opened at the university for the past year. However, if there is no similar subject, the subject is recognized as a subject arranged in the subject manual of our university.

Contacts for the consultation of exchange students

  • China and Taiwan: 062-940-5694
  • USA, Japan, France: 062-940-5992