Dormitory Information

Dormitory Information
Location Fees (meals included) (as of March 2020) Facility
Dormitory / 4 person room KRW 1,207,000/16 weeks
  • asic furnishings and the requisite facilities : Beds, wardrobe, desks, chairs, internet service, rest room, shower room, laundry room(equipped with washing machine), etc.
  • Other facilities : Self-study room, lounge, convenience store, fitness center, table tennis room, badminton room, cafeteria, etc.
Dormitory / 5 person room KRW 1,070,000/16 weeks
Academy Hall / 4 person room KRW 1,138,000/16 weeks
International Hall / 5 person room KRW 1,070,000/16 weeks

※ The dormitory fee calculation period is based on 16 weeks of the university academic calendar semester. Vacation fees may apply differently.

※ For more details, please refer to the dormitory site(