Short-term training program

  • Purpose
    • Short-term training is a program held by Honam University’s International Affairs Office and China’s sister universities and exchange institutions, and aims to plan and run special programs by receiving organizations that want to understand and experience Korean culture.

About Program

  • K-beauty program

    K-beauty program image1 K-beauty program image2 K-beauty program image3

    K-beauty program
    Special lecture on campus Makeup, skin care, nail art, hair design
    Off-campus field trip (special lecture) Makeup, eyelash extension, nonbrow tattoo
    Department experience (free) Nail art, scalp care
  • Short-term Korean language training program
    Short-term Korean language training program
    Regular special lecture Special lecture on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Korean
    Non-regular special lecture Understanding Korean Culture, Korean Song Class
    Buddy program
    Korean culture experience Tourism and traditional culture experience, etc.
  • Korean traditional culture experience program
    Korean traditional culture experience program
    Traditional culture tourism Jeonju Hanok Village, Nagan-eupseong Folk Village, Damyang Bamboo Tree, Suncheon Bay, etc.
    Bed & Breakfast Guest house
    Traditional culture experience Mudeungsan experience hall (tea ceremony education), Gwangju hyanggyo (ethnic education), etc.
    General tourism Yeonggwang Baeksu Coast Road, 1913 Songjeong Market, Geumnam-ro Free Tour, etc.
  • Package program
    • The above program is a special program that is comprehensively planned, and it is possible to plan after consultation with sufficient time in advance.
    • All programs are conducted after selecting from 3 nights 4 days, 6 nights 7 days, 9 nights 10 days
    • All programs are subject to change depending on actual situation such as number of people and season
  • A variety of programs other than the above programs can be customized (e.g. soccer, taekwondo, food)

Program consultation obligation-Attached file

Cost information

  • Special lecture fee: 100,000 won/1 hour (for all special lectures)
    Korean class: 8,000 won/person
  • Accommodation fee
    • On-campus dormitory: 35,000 won (5 people, regardless of the number of people), * Only vacation can apply
    • Off-campus guest house
      • General: KRW 25,000 won/person (including breakfast)
      • Special room: KRW 60,000 /single room (including breakfast)
      • Hanok (Korean Traditional house) : KRW 80,000 /single room (including breakfast)

    * When requesting off-campus guest house, a reservation fee of 500,000 won is prepaid, and a cancellation fee will be charged.

  • Interpretation fee: 50,000 won/hour (only on request)
  • Transportation fee (bus)
    • Airport pick-up: 800,000 won/round trip
    • Chartered tour: 600,000 won/day one vehicle
  • Meal Fee
    • Cafeteria: 6,000 won/person (weekdays lunch only)
    • Outside restaurant: 20,000 won per person per meal (adjustable according to diet)
  • Program operating cost: 1,000,000 won
    • Promotion fee, place rental fee, consumables, snack fee, printing fee, conference fee, etc.
  • Subsidies
    • 100,000 won/person (1 day)

    * Subsidy support for graduate students of our university for field trips and sightseeing outside the school

  • Other expenses
    • The cost of materials for special lectures on beauty is separates depending on the area
    • The payment method can be transferred abroad or in cash.

Reception and inquiries

  • How to apply
    • Fill out the application form and send it to the responsible person by email.
    • Only one team is operated per quarter in turn.
    • Recruitment number: 25 or less

    * Observe application period and operating period

  • Inquiries
    • Tel: +82-62-940-5889 (Responsible: Professor Wang Lu)
    • E-mail:
    • wechat: wanglu489268